Why Jet Unity Jewellery?

Nearly two thousand years ago most of Britain was a settled province of the Roman Empire. In 208AD, the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus marched into Scotland with 40,000 men – one of the largest invasion armies Rome ever mobilised.

Emperor Septimius Severus was claimed to be the most powerful Black man in the world.The Roman setalment remains in Yorkshire uncovered Jet, that is a velvety black-gemstone . This jet black gem was used in Britain as far back as the Neolithic period when it was made into beads for personal adornment. The Romans used jet for rings, hair embellishment, pendants and other forms of jewelry. Popular use of this stone died out until the Victorian era, though it was still occasionally used. Jet was often used in mourning jewelry that was worn in remembrance of a dearly departed family member or friend. Queen Victoria wore a specific, fine-quality jet called Whitby jet as part of her mourning dress after Prince Albert’s passing.

Jet Metaphysical Properties

The Romans viewed jet as a magical gemstone that was often used in amulets to protect the wearer. It was believed this black stone could deflect the evil eye. The Roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder claimed jet could drive away snakes. Jet is now a birthstone, but it is associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn.

According to metaphysical beliefs, jet can help the wearer to break negative behavioral patterns. Jet has also been used as a stone of good luck and one that brings clarity during trials and tribulations.

So This is the most fitting stone together with the history of Emperor Septimius Severus the most powerful Black man, over two thousand years ago. Jet with its perseved properties of deflect the evil eye and Fashion versatilities, makes the most Ideal reason to adopt, ”Jet as our own unity Jewellery range” to signify the United drive to create positive change for the Black diversity and the world wide supporters from Black & White.

Remember The Richest Man in history of the World is Mansa Musa, $400 Billion. And he is not even alive!!

So we all have the real trade mark historic capabilities. ” Adopt one of the Jet Unity Jewellery of your liking and Unite our support of one-anther.

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Whitby Jet is a natural organic gemstone formed from the compressed wood of the prehistoric Monkey Puzzle tree.

W Hamond Jewellers is the Original Whitby Jet Store, Established in 1860, located within an iconic and historic building at the bottom of the Abbey steps in Whitby’s town centre. The store showcases a stunning range of Antique Whitby Jet Jewellery, rare and collectable items of jewellery, with each piece having its own unique and fascinating story.

With an unrivalled 150 year history working with Whitby Jet jewellery, W Hamond is famed for producing delicate, fine and beautifully hand crafted Whitby Jet jewellery creations displayed throughout the store. W Hamond is also the proud owner of the world’s largest Whitby Jet gemstone, the surface of the stone embedded with fossilized crustaceans. We at Jamtube.tv, iANi Business, And all associated and supporters will join us linking, Jet Unity Jewellery designers on line.