Avila.Diana created my greeting card business in 2018 with the hopes of overcoming stereotypes and changing the world’s perceptions on underrepresented communities. 

All of the designs are created by me and depict marginalised groups including those with disabilities, identifying as LGBT+, ethnic minorities or problems with mental health.

As a law student, I am a strong advocate for human rights and representation and firmly believe that positive change can only be brought about through actions and commitment. 

Aaron Wallace’s

Black-Owned Hair Care Brand Aaron Wallace Takes Home Ask Men’s 2020 Grooming Award for Best All-Natural Beard Oil

Aaron Wallace’s line of premium hair and skincare products blend natural ingredients like mango, shea, castor and coconut that replenish moisture without stripping away hair’s natural oils. Their unique formula strengthens even the coarsest of hair types whilst drawing attention to a demographic often forgotten by a multi-billion dollar grooming product industry.




Chapped, dry skin on my body. Oily, sensitive, acne-prone, eczematous skin on my face. Dry, easily tangled, curly-coily hair on my head. Addressing those conditions is what, in part,  motivated me to start researching and formulating hand-crafted products. I wanted results, not marketing promises on a label.

​For two years I experimented and tested formulas on myself, friends and family. Soon a few of them began to request specific items, some of which evolved into items you can find here (e.g. Hair Too Balm, Oat Rich Lotion, Curl, Please! Curling Custard​).  And then people wanted to pay for them. Who am I to deny them?

Brand By Me

A brand agency based in London and Hertfordshire.

We are a brand consultancy with a difference. 

We combine straight-talking, straightforward strategy with practical planning, so that we help you build a brilliant brand that drives everything you do. As a brand consultancy, we help you identify your purpose and embed this in your everyday activity. Work with us to win customers and clients, create long-term change and appeal to hearts and minds, all by building a powerful brand.

Brand By Me

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