Here at beatsabar we proudly work with schools, youth clubs & community groups in the local area to help a diverse range of children from all ethinic and cultural backgrounds through the medium of music!

Alternative Education Providers

Beatsabar Music Project offer unique and bespoke music making workshops to vulnerable learners who are not allowed in mainstream education due to complex mental health or behavioural issues. The flexibility and quality of provision are fundamental to schools and local authorities when they consider alternative providers.

Our experienced, music producers and sound engineers deliver music making workshops face-to-face in our studios or at school, either one-to-one or to groups of up to 8 learners.

Sessions are delivered in line with each young person’s personalised timetable. The course leader will first access what level of music production or music entrepreneurship the student is at and then together they will write up a plan for the next 6-8weeks. Whether it will be to record a 5-track EP or learn how to create a beat using computer software, the workshop will not only allow the young person to express their creativity, but it will also provide educational moments.

Our teachers use a range of quality learning content and tools to deliver engaging and differentiated lessons. Methods used to support engagement include:

  • Whiteboard activities,
  • Audio and video content
  • Quizzes